Steps for demolition of wall at the interior side safely

In construction, there’s a specific plan of action that needs to be followed. Similarly, one can expect the work of demolition of wall.

We have created this article to explain in depth about steps involved in the demolition of wall on the interior side in a safe manner.

As most of the people who are required to undergo the demolition of wall in the first place might need to reconstruct their construction or sell a barren plot. Either way, it’s highly effective to learn about the right steps involved in the demolition of wall.

Gather correct materials

For the demolition of wall, you need proper tools as well as know-how about using those tools in the first place.

Some of the basic tools for drywall demolition include a reciprocating saw, sledgehammer, pry bar, hammer, and an electric drill.

In some cases, excavators and cranes are also used for the demolition of wall. These are usually for large-scale projects and not suitable for the interior side of the walls.

Prepare for demolition of wall

Some people opt to hire workers who have a bit of experience in the demolition of walls. Although they are mostly dependent on the instruction provided by their employers, they also lack proper experience as well as safety gear.

The best thing about the company which has a specialized labor force for demolition projects is that they come with a comprehensive plan, which also includes picking up the debris.

Inspect whether the wall is load bearing

One of the greatest challenges for demolition contractors is to determine whether the wall is load bearing.

The load-bearing walls can’t be demolished one go, as a load of ceiling and floor is provided to the walls up to its foundation.

For the demolition of wall which comes in load bearing, we need to first support the walls out of 2x4s so that the house doesn’t get crash down over you.

Locate plumbing, ventilation, or electrical lines

Also, it’s important to first identify the plumbing and electric lines as these are utilities that might cause some accidents during work.

These lines need to be properly disconnected and processed with proper demolition work.

In some cases, we also need to identify ventilation within the wall and contain it so that the damage doesn’t extend to other parts of the household.

Remove mold or trims

On various interior walls, you might find wallpapers, molds, or trims with artistic designs. As professionals, it’s highly important to take care of these elements beforehand.

By removing molds and other valuable elements, your only job is not to remain of demolishing a wall but to make sure that damage is reduced as much as possible.

If your walls are made up of wooden material, it’s important to wear goggles so that any jumping nails from the wood don’t damage your eye.

Start with the demolition of wall

When you need to start with the demolition of wall, simply start with the middle of the wall using large hammers.

Getting a starting place should be worried unless or until you need to execute a plan and ensure that your work is under complete control.

When you can rip a large hole into the wall, demolition becomes easier as all you are doing is dismantling the material

Clean up

Once you have managed to demolish the wall over the interior of the house, it’s time to clean up the debris.

Depending on the weight of debris, you need cranes and dumpers to take the debris out of the site and dumped into its specific site.

Also if the contractor has experience in working with civil works, they should ensure that every dust should be properly cleaned so that floor and ceiling working can be begun.

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